Things about 5t bridge crane

Bridge cranes are also named as overhead cranes. In this post, the author will tell you some information about one type of capacity bridge cranes, the 5t bridge crane. The crane spcifications, price, design, delivering and design, all you want to know, the following will cover.

What is a bridge crane?

5t bridge crane for sale
5t bridge crane for sale

A bridge crane is a kind of indoor cranes, which can be classified by three different levels.

Classified by structures: there are low price girder bridge crane, such as the double girder crane , low price single girder bridge crane 

Classified by working applications: there are bridge crnaes for steel mills, explosion proof brdige cranes for coal mines, and the cranes with grabs for wastes material handling.

Classified by capacities; There are light weight bridge cranes, heavy weight bridge cranes. Usually, ligt duty cranes are always within the capacity 10ts. However, the heavy duty cranes is always more than 10ts.There is a crane factory, named  bridge crane 5 ton 10 ton supplier Ellsen, can provide you capacities cranes at factory price level.

The above three kinds of brdige cranes are commonly seen bridge cranes, different kinds of bridge cranes are always equipped with different configurations, thus their performance are also different. Usually, a higher performance overhead crane’s price is higher than a low performance one. The bridge crane with national standard’s price is usually less expensive than the bridge crane with European standards. If you have enough budgets on the brdige crane, you can buy a higher performance crane. In the following, I will talk more about the bridge crane with 5t capacity.

Where can you see it?

The 5t bridge crane is a kind of hot sale lifting equipment for many overhead crane suppliers. That is because this kind of overehad crane can be widely applided almost any fileds need material hoisting or lifting operations. You can see a crane operator run a single girder crane with grab hoisting wastes materials in a refuse plants. When you go to a coal mine, you will also see a bridge crane there hoisting materials. Thus, you can see the 5t bridge cranes in a warehouse, workstaions, coal mines, etc. If you just start your business, and you want ot buy a new overheade crane, you can go to these factories for a visit and ask them how much does them cost on such equipment, just take it as a reference for your new bridge crane.

Recommended working conditions

When you have already bought a new bridge crane 5t, and do not know where to use it. Or if you’re a crane supplier, you want to sell your cranes to different kinds of customers in different industrial circles, the authos will recommend you some of its applications for your reference. The bridge cranes recently has seen a surge application in the waste plants, power plants, warehoues, coal minees or grain factories, etc. If you are in need of bridge cranes employed in these industries, you can go to

Want have a low cost one? But how?

If you need a brdige crane with 5t capacity, you mmust want to have a low cost one. The following are some tips for your reference.

  • Price difference between different kinds of bridge crnaes 5t
  • Usually the single girder 5t bridge crnae’s cost is lower than the double beam one.
  • European standard 5t bridge cranes’ price are more expensive than the national standard ones.
  • Professional 5t Bridge cranes with higher technical configurations than the traditional bridge cranes.


Thus, before selecting a brdige crane 5t, if you want to save your cost, be sure which kind of bridge crane is pefectly met your industry’s requirement. Go here for more infomation about the 5 ton bridge cranes,